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Fishman PRF-P9S-GK2 Fluence Signature Series Greg Koch Gristle-Tone™ P90 Pickups - Black

Nowhere are the intrinsic benefits of Fluence technology more up front and apparent then when applied to the P90.

Unlike stacked “humbucker” P90 variants which can actually aggravate certain problems while curing others, the noise, the acoustic feedback, the hum, the inductance issues caused by guitar cables, amp and effect inputs… with Fluence, all of it is eliminated, leaving pure, unadulterated, Multi-Voice tone.

With the success of his Signature Gristle-Tone pickup set for Telecaster® guitars, it was no surprise when Greg came asking to explore the possibilities of Fluence technology applied to the P90. Like his Fluence Gristle-Tone Tele® set, Greg’s Signature Series P90s are deeply rooted in tradition, and then un-rooted in sounds that only Greg can conjure – satisfying all of Greg’s lascivious P90 needs!


Voice 1: Underwound, aged P90 clarity at ideal volume level
Voice 2: Fat overwound tone without losing highs
Voice 3: Clear, open single coil tone


Voice 1: Vintage P90 with a healthy dose of honk
Voice 2: Highly revered muscular tone of a custom overwound P90
Voice 3: Bright, jangly single coil tone

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