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G7 G7NP-SL Newport 6str.Capo-Ch

The silver G7th Newport is a lightweight capo designed to provide stable fret barring for a musician playing a 6-string guitar in recording sessions, live performances, rehearsals, and lessons. It features a simple flip-lever mechanism for clamping and releasing the capo with minimal effort. An adjustment knob on the bottom enables quick and easy variation of the tension, making it ideal for use with a multitude of instrument setups. Its low-profile design ensures that it won't interfere with your playing. Silicone rubber maintains tone and sustain and protects your instrument's neck from contact with the metal body of the capo.

  • Wrap-around silicone rubber and internal bar features eliminate deadening of tone and avoid metal-to-wood contact on your guitar neck
  • Easily fine-tune tension without removing the capo
  • Low-profile design keeps the capo out of the way of your fretting hand
  • Well-suited to instruments that are problematic to use with a capo, such as guitars with high action and 12-string guitars

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