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Marshall MX412AR 240-watt 4x12'' Extension Cabinet, Angled w/Casters

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Sheer power and fantastic quality, these 240W 4x12’s are compatible with most Marshall heads and are fitted with four Celestion G12E-60 speakers that can handle any genre. The simple yet iconic Marshall style is emulated in these cabinets with white logos, white piping and black fret. Perfect for the road – with sturdy construction and recessed handles, the MX412 can easily cope with life on the move. Explosive sound – there’s no denying the classic Marshall sound delivered by the MX412. Strong tones – the Celestion speakers deliver a great bass response with a dynamic playback.

  • Inputs 1
  • Speaker configuration 4x12"
  • Speaker model Celestion G12E-60 (60W, 16 O)
  • Power handling 240W
  • Unit impedance 16 O mono
  • Width 760mm / 29.9"
  • Depth 360mm / 14.1"
  • Height 750mm / 29.5"
  • Weight 30.9kg / 68.1lbs