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Traynor AMMINI Acoustic Guitar Amp

The all new Acoustic Master Series AM Mini delivers maximum tone and clarity in a deceptively compact design. Built for multiple applications, the AM Mini acts not only as the ideal personal monitor for live stages, but also the perfect compact all-in-one PA solution for the solo musician.

Two discrete input channels, one tailored for acoustic guitar and the other for vocals use simple and effective controls to ensure quick and easy setup for performance. The XLR balanced DI output allows the same blend of instrument and vocal to be sent to an additional powered speaker or to the Front-of-House PA for larger audiences.

Key Features

  • Compact Design
  • High Quality Speaker Components
  • Discrete Tuned Instrument and Microphone Input Channels
  • Additional 1/8th-inch TRS Stereo Auxiliary Input
  • XLR Balanced DI Output
  • Made in Canada

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